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11835 West Olympic Blvd., Suite 1090E, Los Angeles, CA 90064

May 11, 2007
For Immediate Release

American Airports Corporation Announces
A Plan to Invest $5M into County Owned Airports

Santa Monica, CA – In an effort to update and improve the facilities at the five Los Angeles County owned airports, American Airports Corporation (AAC) today announced their plan to invest up to five million dollars into the airports.

“Though municipal airports are usually able to support their normal operating expenses, they must rely on the FAA, City, or the County to fund major capital improvements. AAC has the ability to make capital investments into the airports they manage provided there is sufficient term to recoup the investment”’ said Scott Wardle, AAC Regional Director of Operations.

Under the plan, AAC has proposed to build new airport administration buildings at two of the airports, upgrade the existing administration buildings at the remaining three airports, and provide security system upgrades at all five airports. In return, AAC has asked the County for an extension of their current contract to manage the airport system.

“We hope operators of general aviation airports and FBO’s across the country will realize the benefits of privatization,” Wardle said. “This plan benefits not only the owner of the airport but the tenants and users of the airport as well.”

AAC manages five airports in Los Angeles County, one in the pacific region, and has an FBO in Arkansas.

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