American Airports Corporation owns, leases, operates, manages and develops airports, individual aviation facilities and fixed-base operations (FBOs) in the United States. We look to upgrade underutilized assets and facilities, develop new building and FBO locations, and provide financing and development to potential joint venture partners.

Our primary focus is to: (1) enter into a long-term lease or management contract for an existing airport; (2) acquire individual land parcels and buildings at airports; and (3) acquire existing single and multi-location FBO facilities. We can do this by: (a) long-term lease arrangements; (b) operating agreements; or (c) outright purchase of the facility.

AAC is most interested in airports that fit the following profile:

  • Reliever and general aviation airports in metropolitan areas with 50,000 people
  • Areas with demonstrated growth in population, business and/or aviation needs
  • Resort areas with commuter or corporate aviation services
  • Airport sizes of 100 acres
  • Runway lengths of 5,000 ft. or more, or the ability to acquire additional land to extend the runway

Our individual property and FBO profile is as follows:

  • Long-term land leases for all types of aviation properties
  • Terminal and FBO buildings, leased or vacant
  • “T”, executive and corporate hangars, leased or vacant
  • Maintenance and business-related hangars, leased or vacant
  • Cargo and other aviation support facilities, leased or vacant
  • Any development opportunities related to the above

Our main goals are value enhancement through:

  • Rehabilitation/upgrades of existing structures
  • Development of vacant or underutilized land
  • Promotion of aviation and aviation services
  • We are actively seeking acquisition opportunities and cooperatives with finders.


Edward R. Sause, President
11835 W. Olympic Blvd. Ste 1090E
Los Angeles, CA 90064
T: 310-752-0555