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11835 West Olympic Blvd., Suite 1090E, Los Angeles, CA 90064
11835 West Olympic Blvd., Suite 1090E, Los Angeles, CA 90064


Lancaster, California, July 30, 2004 – American Airports Corporation, operator of five Los Angeles County Airports, recently announced the approval by the L.A. County Board of Supervisors this month of an agreement for the construction of new facilities at General Wm. J. Fox Field in Lancaster, CA. Valley Pacific Aviation, LLC entered into a thirty-year agreement for the construction of a 70,200 square foot, new 43-unit aircraft storage complex. Roger L. Persons, Chairman, L.A. County Aviation Commission, explained that “we’ve successfully responded to users who cited lack of adequate hangar space as the airport’s largest impediment to growth and greatest need.”

Ted Gustin, Chief of the County’s Aviation Division, stated, “With the large amount of improvements being made by the City of Lancaster, and the County, including improved access and utilities, Fox Field is becoming a very dynamic and focal airport for commercial and G/A growth.”

The Chief Operating Officer of American Airports, added, “Through the abundance of available property in the aerospace-rich location of the Antelope Valley, commercial growth is definitely in Fox’s future. This development should serve as an indication of our commitment to assure general aviation’s vital role in the airport’s future. ”

In addition to Valley Pacific, Accessory Services is under construction of a 30,000 square foot corporate aircraft maintenance facility at Fox Field.

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