FBO Maintenance Hangar at San Gabriel Valley Airport (EMT)


The County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works would like to measure the level of interest in establishing an Aircraft Maintenance Provider Facility and providing related aviation services at San Gabriel Valley Airport.

 Minimum Requirements and Criteria

  • Establish an Aircraft Maintenance Provider Facility in a 4,200 sf hangar located on the Airport
  • Operator must have demonstrable experience in successfully operating as an Aircraft Maintenance Provider
  • Ability to develop and market the business to airport patrons
  • Operator must have the financial capability to make any needed improvements to meet the requirements of the building and safety department

 Public Works wants to ensure that all the County-owned airports, including San Gabriel Valley, appropriately provide a range of services to the flying public and general aviation community.  An Aircraft Maintenance Provider Facility is a key component of the products, services and facilities that the County of Los Angeles desires to provide to the users and visitors of the airport by providing quality aircraft maintenance services.  Any entity granted the opportunity to operate an Aircraft Maintenance Provider Facility at the airport shall adhere to these criteria.

Public Works or their designated contract manager reserves the right to negotiate with any entity it solely deems to be qualified to develop an Aircraft Maintenance Provider Facility and provide related services and to obtain terms most beneficial to the County of Los Angeles.

Response Deadline & Requests for Further Information

All parties interested in developing an Aircraft Maintenance Provider Facility at San Gabriel Valley Airport and are fully capable of meeting the minimum requirements and criterion described in this Request for Interest and the minimum standards for an Airport Maintenance Provider are encouraged to submit such interest along with their qualifications in writing. The submission should detail the parties’ experience, and should be sent to American Airports Corporation, 11835 W Olympic Blvd. Suite 1090E., Los Angeles, CA 90064. The deadline for submissions is 3:00 p.m. Pacific Time, February 15, 2021.

Requests for further information should be made to Joy Ward at (310) 752-0541 or Additional information about the airport is available on the County airports website at

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RFI KEMT FBO Maintenance Facility-1-13-2021